How to Make Balloons

So you want to learn balloons?

Awesome! You’re in for a great time. Over 15 years ago, when Brian was starting out, it was a lot harder to get started. He learned from a couple books and peoples’ pictures on the internet. Today, it’s a lot easier. There’s a host of DVDs on the market, more conferences and seminars on balloon twisting, and best of all, YouTube. No matter your age or current skill level, Pretty Funny Balloons can help you improve your art and have more fun.

Getting Started

If you’ve never twisted a balloon or want to start at the very beginning, you’ll want to check out Beginning Balloons with Brian. This comprehensive guide begins with a simple dog and teaches six twisting techniques and 28 sculptures in an easy to follow progression. By the end, you will be able to make a monkey on a palm tree, a fishing pole hat, and a 4 balloon mermaid. The quickest way to get started is to download it right here. You’ll also want to pick up a pump and a bag of Carnival Assortment Balloons from T Myers magic. If you want to buy the DVD in person, we have convenient kits at our studio that include a DVD, hand pump, and bag of balloons for just $25. Contact us for details.

Continuing on YouTube

After you’ve learned the techniques and some basic designs, you’re ready to explore the wide world of balloon art. YouTube is a great place to start. There are hundreds of channels out there with great designs, but a good starting place is the Pretty Funny Balloons channel. We have over fifty free step-by-step tutorials, plus some videos of our biggest builds. We are happy to give back to the wonderful community of twisters who have helped us so much. You can visit our channel or click below to see an example video

Intermediate and Advanced DVDs

Once you’ve been doing balloons a while, entertained at a few parties and bought a variety of balloons, we recommend picking up our next two DVDs. Go Big or Go Home teaches over 15 huge designs, made primarily of 350/360 balloons that you can actually make at a restaurant or party. Go Big: Costumes continues this theme with more awesome costumes, many of which are customizable depending on how much time you want to spend per client. Both of these DVDs are available for digital download right here or you can contact us to buy a physical copy.

Learning at Conventions

There are several conventions and seminars for balloon twisters. Brian often has opportunities to lecture at these gatherings, and is always available in the jam room to help folks out. Our favorite conventions include:

Upcoming Products

We’re always working on new ideas and deciding how to best share our years of experience with others. Brian is nearly finished creating “Go Bigger”, a DVD on how to make enormous Super Sculptures, and continually adds to his “Balloon Twisting Wit and Wisdom” PDF, available to twisters by email.

Oh, and if you have any questions about making balloons, drop us a line. We’re always happy to help.

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