Face Painting and Temporary Tattoos

Our fastest growing service is now face paint and temporary tattoos. This isn’t the simple stuff we grew up with. Our kid-safe paints and long-lasting temporary tattoos make a perfect addition to your next event. Check out our different offerings below. Depending on your event, you may even choose to mix and match temporary tattoos, face art and balloon entertainment.


Face Paint – Christina and our other experienced artists can paint amazing full-face designs like tigers, characters, butterflies or just about anything else. If you’ve got a large event with lots of guests, we can bring a menu of simpler designs for cheek art. Wondering if the boys will like it? With superhero faces, dinosaurs, sports designs and ferocious animals, we have something for everyone. 

Glitter Tattoos – Our professional Glitter tattoo booth features up to 100 different designs. Each guest can pick out their favorite art from our huge menu board and get it in their favorite colors. They’ll last for several days, even if you get them wet.

Real Matte Temporary Tattoos – These crisp, intricate black designs look just like real tattoos without the mess or complicated care of henna. Not something you can find in stores, they’re awesome for both adults and kids and are durable, lasting up to a week. There’s several dozen designs to choose from.

Metallic Temporary Tattoos – These awesome temporary tattoos shimmer like metal. You have to see them to believe it. They’re super popular with teens and adults and pair well with the glitter and real-matte temporary tattoos.

As a full service entertainment company, we can offer a group discount if you’d like to book multiple forms of entertainment, like a company picnic with balloons, face paint, a magician and balloon decor.