Signature Super Sculptures

Go Big or Go Home!

Every artist has a specialty that sets them apart from the pack. Our favorite aspect of balloon art is making enormous sculptures. These crazy feats of stamina and engineering that we call “Super-Sculptures” started out as just fun freebies for VBS decorations and contest entries, but 12 years and a Guinness World Record later, we’re among an elite group of national artists who get to travel the country making giant balloon sculptures.

We’ve made balloons seen on ESPN and the Discovery Channel, worked for Universal Studios, created a full size Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur and made a 30 foot rocket ship for a British television commercial.  In 2015 we made a full-size (25 foot) Star Wars TIE Fighter and flew it from a hot air balloon. Our biggest accomplishment remains our Guinness World Record for building the world’s largest modeling balloon sculpture by a team, our 88 foot dragonfly.

Super Sculptures can be a great team-building exercise. Corporate, student or ministry volunteers can work alongside skilled artists by inflating, tying and even weaving sections of the sculpture while Brian and his team handle the details and direct the project. In many cases, an enormous sculpture can be created in as little as 4 hours. For more information on our college mascot sculptures, check out the colleges page.

Check out the videos from our TIE Fighter, Dragonfly and Thunderbird rocket sculptures here.