Nursing Homes

We’ll admit, when people think of balloons and face paint, they tend to think of the under 12 crowd rather than the over 65 demographic. Believe it or not, some of our most fun and meaningful experiences as entertainers have come through entertaining at nursing homes, assisted living, and continuum of care facilities. We have a blast entertaining these adults. With over a decade of experience, we’ve learned the special skills necessary to entertain seniors rather than children; We listen to them, treat them as valued peers, make them feel special, focus on impressive designs, and make entertaining more of a priority than the balloons themselves. They love the unique addition to their day and really enjoy meeting us.

Balloons and face painting are great for

  • Holiday Programs,
  • National Nursing Home Week
  • Family Days
  • And other special activities.

We can set up in the recreation center, provide roving entertainment in the dining area, or even work with a staff escort to visit residents in their rooms.

Give us a call for pricing and
to learn more about our unique programs.