Ministry Events

Brian has been using balloons in ministry almost since he blew up his first balloon over 15 years ago. Back then, he was in college studying for a Christian Education degree, and found that integrating balloons into children’s lessons made them more memorable. He didn’t know then that he’d eventually make a career out of balloon artistry, visit 14 countries, and teach balloon ministry in America and Europe.

The goal in any ministry setting is to support the local church or nonprofit to help them meet their goals. Some churches are simply looking for someone to make balloons or provide face painting at a church picnic while others want games, entertainment, and a lesson for their youth group. We’re grateful for any chance to serve local churches and we tailor our lessons to the age, needs, and goals of any group. Below are some of the specific services we offer. Many of these can be combined to serve your particular organization.

Balloon Entertainment and Face Painting – Rather than teach a lesson, we’ll just set up at your special event and create a balloon or face art (or temporary tattoos) for each guest. If you would like a lesson, we can add the entertainment later in the event.

Lessons – We can teach Biblical lessons for any age group using balloons as an object lesson to make a message more memorable. Sure, Sunday schools and children’s ministries are the most common audiences, but Brian has also taught about a dozen sermons, entertained seniors, led youth groups, and worked with camps. We have several tried and true lessons for a variety of ages.

Games – Remember all those fun balloon games from youth group? We do. With a dozen fun games in our arsenal, we can add fun balloon-themed games to any event. Our favorite event is leading “Balloon Olympics” for youth groups, followed up by an age-appropriate lesson.

Teaching Balloon Art – A fun activity for camps or Vacation Bible Schools, we can teach groups of up to 30 people how to make balloons. Depending on the class, we’ll normally start with a simple dog and progress up to a monkey on a palm tree, all in a couple hours. If you’re going on a mission trip, give us a call and we can set your group up with balloon training, a few bags of balloons, pumps, and an introduction to using them as a ministry tool.

To learn more, check out our full price list or contact us.