Library Shows

Each year we create a brand new library show based around the year’s unified library theme. 2019’s theme, “A Universe of Stories” is right up Brian’s alley, as he’s a huge fan of space and knows tons about NASA and astronomy. We’re still hard at work writing this year’s program, but we already know we’ll be:

  • Telling some stories from the first moon landing 50 years ago,
  • Using balloons to demonstrate the physics of rockets and how they work in a vacuum,
  • Sharing the important part balloons have played in the history of flight.
  • Making planets out of balloons to show how incredibly big our solar system is,
  • Teaching each guest how to make their own rocket balloon and “Laika” balloon dog they can take home with them,
  • Plus a bit of time for Q&A.

Most libraries choose to follow up the program with an hour of balloon and/or face paint entertainment so every child gets a second balloon to take home. We also donate two copies of our instructional DVD, “Beginning Balloons with Brian” to the library.

We’re happy to teach all over Indiana and beyond, and have programs starting as low as $200.

Email us to learn more or reserve a spot on our busy summer schedule.