Balloon Dresses

We have been making balloon dresses for several years now. In fact, Christina was Brian’s first dress model, well before they even started dating. Brian often shows off his dress-making skills at conferences, creating dresses from the Hunger Games, Frozen, the Little Mermaid and more, as well as fun designer dresses for special events.

Our most important balloon dress wasn’t actually our own creation. For our balloon-themed wedding, Christina wore the most beautiful balloon wedding gown. Since Brian wasn’t allowed to see the dress, much less make it, we brought in our friend Debbie Stevens from Ontario to make it for us. It took over 50 hours to build.

Balloon dresses aren’t for everyone, but if you’d like the ultimate prom or cocktail dress, give us a call and we’ll design custom attire to make you the life of the party. This balloon couture is perfect for:

  • proms,
  • cocktail parties,
  • fashion shows,
  • costume parties,
  • and more.

Tailored specifically to the model’s measurements, these works of art can be made to match the theme or from the artist’s imagination.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Yes, the models wear something underneath, normally shorts and a tank top, or maybe a swimsuit.
  • Yes, you can sit down, but it isn’t that comfortable. They are more durable than you’d imagine.
  • We can make a dress for any model or client, but because balloons add a bit of extra girth, they work best on tall or slender models.
  • Pricing is based on the type of design and the time it will take to create it, but it is often cheaper than a designer dress.