Colleges and Universities

Pretty Funny Balloons offers awesome entertainment for college and university events nationwide. APCA’s 2015 Novelty Act of the Year, Brian has a unique approach to school events that utilizes student volunteers to give the best value. For a daily rate, he will visit the college and offer world-class entertainment, creative decor, and a signature super sculpture, all in a single day. For a bit more, Christina can come with and entertain with balloons, face painting or glitter tattoos. Schools can mix and match what exactly they would like, but here is how a typical day might go.

Brian will arrive early to the school and set up his inflators, balloons and plans for the school’s mascot. Around 9 o’clock, student volunteers (normally from the student activities board) will show up and get a crash course on balloon making. He will train them how to inflate, size and tie the balloons and even do some simple weaving, while he offers guidance and creates the detailed parts like the face or hands. If the college has requested decor, he will bring all the supplies and teach students and advisors how to construct a balloon arch, balloon columns, or a photo backdrop. Around 4 o’clock, the sculpture will be finished and everyone will be take tons of pictures, which will probably make it into the yearbook, Facebook, student newspaper and local media. Then, Brian will grab a glass of water or a snack and start entertaining at that day’s special event. Using a huge bag of balloons and a good dose of humor, Brian will provide roving entertainment for as long as the school would like. If Christina comes with, she’ll help weave the sculpture and offer face painting or glitter tattoos, at no additional travel cost.

Our goal is to offer the best deal to colleges and universities, so you can choose any or all of the following for the same daily rate:

  • World-class roving entertainment,
  • One of Brian’s signature Super Sculptures featuring your mascot or logo, and
  • Classic and creative balloon décor.

For a smaller additional charge, you can add a second balloon artist or a face-painter to your special event.

For more information,
Contact Houla Entertainment at or call Lee Mayer at (865) 414-9266

“We received nothing but positive feedback and amazement from everyone who walked by as we created our balloon griffin. The best part is the student involvement that Brian incorporates into his creation; students are involved in the entire process, which they love! I would recommend Brian for any event!”
Meg C

Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania