Pretty Funny Balloons can provide world-class entertainment at any event. Our unique style combines humor, audience participation and the biggest, awesomest balloons you’ve ever seen. Having made balloons in 14 countries and 48 states, we’re Indiana’s premier balloon entertainers. With over 15 years of experience, we can make literally anything you can imagine.

You want an aardvark? … Got it covered.
A bicycle? … Yup.
A three legged centaur with a goatee? … You’re a strange person, but yeah, we can make that too.

And while we twist up an awesome creation, we’ll engage and entertain your guests with our special style of humor.

Plus, as your full service entertainment destination, we can provide much more than balloons. We offer creative face painting, balloon decorations, glitter tattoos, magicians and more!

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More than just Dogs and Swords

If you’ve seen our portfolio, you know we do a lot more than the simple designs you grew up with, but you may not know just how much we are capable of. We can entertain at your corporate event, birthday party, nursing home or other special event, but we can also teach educational programs at your school, make an enormous sculpture for your university, lead games and share a lesson at your church’s youth group or teach campers how to make balloons. We can even entertain at your wedding (and make the dress!) With Pretty Funny Balloons, the sky is the limit. Be sure to check out our different services to get some ideas for your next event.


What to expect

Each event is different, but here’s what to expect when you hire a Pretty Funny Balloons entertainer, whether it’s Brian, Christina or one of our colleagues. We’ll be dressed professionally in a company polo shirt with a self-contained bag for all our balloons or a tote for our face paints.

Our balloon artists are fairly mobile, able to set up wherever you like or go to the customers. A table or a couple of chairs are nice though. We’re also quite good at managing our lines. If you have a small event, we can create a large, detailed balloon or full face paint design for each guest. If you have lots of guests, we can switch to simpler designs, work off a menu or make each person a surprise creation. If you want to kick it up a notch, you can even hire a second artist or have us pre-make some balloons to make sure each guest gets something spectacular.

“Professional, very talented and fun… I’m looking forward to having Brian’s Balloons back for our next event.”

Cara D.

Noblesville, Indiana