Pretty Funny Balloons now offers deliveries to your home, office, or special event. For around the price of a bouquet of flowers, you can get a unique, customizable sculpture or helium bouquet that lasts just as long. You can pick your balloons up at our studio in Indianapolis or we can deliver them anywhere in Indianapolis for a flat rate of $35. If you’d like to send something to brighten a friend’s day, we can also deliver to a home, office or hospital.

Note: Customization is always available and prices are subject to change. For more information, download our Delivery Info Sheet.

Pretty Special Delivery

Our favorite delivery is the “Pretty Special Delivery” It includes a cup of candy for a base, three or four helium balloons and a custom sculpture to fit the recipient’s favorite hobbies, characters or interests. In the past, we’ve made everything from caricatures to dinosaurs, Pokemon, princesses, even a Mr. Peanut once. We’ll often have the caricatures hold something to represent the recipient’s interests, like a set of golf clubs or a computer.

Price: $50 + Delivery  


Stuffing Balloons, Flowers and Stuffed Animals

Like a ship in a bottle, there’s something cool about a teddy bear stuffed in a balloon. But don’t stop there. We have a great selection of stuffed animals, but can also stuff candy, toys, baby clothes, even a six pack of beer all into a large stuffing balloon. We keep over 100 stuffed animals in stock, so they’re also a perfect, lasting gift to pair with your balloon delivery.

Price: $40 for a “Stuffed Belly” balloon animal.
$30-$60 for flower bouquets
$30-$50 for Stuffed animals with helium balloons or candy cups.
+ Delivery

Animal Numbers

These are just so super cute and they’re perfect for kid’s birthdays. We have over a dozen different animals and characters to choose from and can fit any letter or  number.

Price: $50 + Delivery

 (animals available: lion, cow, horse, elephant, fox, tiger, panda, pig, frog, monkey, rabbit, giraffe, zebra, unicorn and more)

Helium Bouquets

Nothing beats the size and color of a balloon bouquet and we’ve got TONS of options to choose from. We have Indiana’s best selection of foil balloons with over 1000 designs to choose from conveying most popular characters and every sentiment from “Happy Birthday” to “Welcome Home” to “Happy Retirement”. We also have over 70 colors of latex balloons in stock, as well as large 3’ balloons, 40 inch tall numbers and letters available in both Silver and Gold, confetti filled balloons, and a whole lot more.

The pricing is simple. It’s “Build your own bouquet.” You simply add up the cost of each balloon and add the balloon weight (or candy cup base) and we’ll arrange it nicely for you. Or, you can just say,  “I need a retirement arrangement for $40” or “It’s his 50th birthday and he loves the Colts. Can you put something together for around $60”

$2.50 per standard 11” latex balloon
$6 per confetti filled 11” latex balloon
$5 per standard size 18” foil balloon
$10 per larger foil balloon
$20 per 40” letter or number.
$20 per large 3 foot round balloon
$1 per standard weight
$5 per candy cup weight
 + Delivery

Yard Art and Party Poles

Some days you want to let your nephew know you’re thinking of them on their birthday. Other days you want their whole neighborhood to know! These party poles and large yard numbers are a great way celebrate.

Price: $40 per standard Party Pole
          around $100 per letter + Delivery.


Special Sculptures

Maybe a custom sculpture is more your style. We’ve made just about everything, from a grand piano delivery for a concert pianist to an 8 ft minion to a 40 foot airplane to celebrate a CEO’s birthday. Just give us a call and we’ll get you a quote for something amazing.