Pretty Funny Balloons now offers deliveries to your home, office, or special event. For around the price of a bouquet of flowers, you can get a unique, customizable sculpture that lasts just as long. You can pick them up at our balloon studio in Indianapolis or we can deliver them to your Pretty Funny Balloons event for free. If you’d like to send something to brighten a friend’s day, we can also deliver them to a home, office or hospital.

Helium Balloon Bouquets

We can provide custom balloon bouquets for pick-up or delivery. These bright clusters are attached to a stylish weight. For hospital deliveries, where latex restrictions are an issue, we can create hypoallergenic bouquets out of foil balloons for a variety of themes.

Want a longer lasting balloon bouquet? Ask for Super Hi-Float treatment to extend the life of your helium balloons.

 Candy Cups

A recent innovation in the balloon industry, candy cups make the ideal delivery for Valentine’s Day, Easter, birthdays or just to say you care. They also make great party favors. Each 21 ounce cup is full of assorted candy and has a creative balloon sculpture on top. With years of balloon experience, we can create something for any theme, character, hobby or team.


Pretty Special Delivery

Our favorite delivery is a combination of helium balloons, a candy cup and a sculpted design. We’ll make a special sculpture around 24-30” tall (Custom Caricatures or cartoon characters are popular) and put it on a candy cup, then add five helium balloons. Recipients love it because it has something big, something unique and some candy to enjoy or share. Each design is unique, but you can check out some samples below.


Balloon Flowers

A vase of stylish balloon flowers is a fun way to say you’re thinking of someone. We have several different designs, but our favorite consists of 7 flowers on a weighted base. They come with a balloon bow, but if you’d rather, you can have a bear or other character hanging on as part of the vase.

Animal Numbers and Stuffed Balloons

These adorable animal numbers are perfect for birthday deliveries. We’ve got over a dozen animal shapes (and even some characters like Elmo) to choose from and can fit any number.

We can also stuff any gift inside a balloon and we keep 100 stuffed animals on hand so you can choose your favorite.

Custom Deliveries

We can design a delivery of literally any sculpture for any occasion, so rather than look at a menu of every possible design, we thought you’d rather give us a call and tell us what you’re looking for. You can tell us what size you’d like it to be, what your price range is, what feeling you’d like to convey, or just go for “artist’s choice.”

We’d love to get you a personalized quote.