Helium Bouquets

We stock Indiana’s largest variety of helium balloons and would love to create something special for your event, not matter how large or small.

Our most popular balloons are 11” round latex balloons and we keep over 60 different colors in stock. We also carry over 1000 designs of foil balloons so we’re sure to have something for your favorite character, movie, theme or sentiment. If you’d like larger balloons, we stock 16 inch balloons and even large 36 inch round balloons that are very popular for weddings.

Looking for something super-special? We can fill helium balloons with confetti, add tassels or even stuff an opaque balloon with blue or pink confetti for a gender reveal. Plus, if you’re looking for a unique delivery, we can create a custom sculpture with helium balloons and a cup full of candy as a base.

If you want your latex balloons to last longer, we can use Hi-Float, a non-toxic product that seals the inside of each balloon to let it float up to 10 times as long. The small additional charge is well worth it.

Pricing (excluding delivery):

11 inch latex
$2.50 per standard balloon (Most Common)
$4.50 per confetti filled balloon

16 inch latex
$5 standard
$9 with confetti

24 inch latex
$17 standard
$23 with confetti

36 inch latex
$24 standard
$27 printed
$33 with confetti

Foil balloons – Indiana’s largest selection
$6 per standard size 18” foil balloon
$10 per larger foil balloons
$15 per 40 inch tall letter or number balloon.


Balloon Weights
$1 per standard weight
$6 per candy cup weight


Add Tassles
$4 for 1 foot tassel
$12 for 3 foot tassel
$20 for 5 foot tassel


Designer Bubbles (aka Pods) includes weight
$40 confetti-filled 24 inch bubble with custom message or logo and 1 ft tassle
$53 “Quad Pod” A confetti-filled 24” bubble with custom message plus four matching helium balloons below it.
$58 3 foot Giant balloon in a solid color with color custom message & 5 foot tassle underneath.

Helium balloons are available for pick-up, delivery, or as part of a decor package.

For more information, check out our Décor Price List

A note about the environmental impact of helium balloons

Pretty Funny Balloons is an environmentally conscious company. Our latex balloons are 100% biodegradable and sustainably sourced from South America. As careful stewards of the environment, we have joined the majority of the balloon community in discouraging balloon releases. While latex balloons biodegrade at the same rate as an oak leaf, their ribbons take much longer to degrade and balloon pieces that end up in the water also biodegrade at a slower rate. Even worse, foil balloons can catch in power lines and cause power outages and do not biodegrade. In recent years, the global balloon décor community has taken a stand against releasing helium balloons and we have joined with them, encouraging customers to enjoy their balloons, then “pin it and bin it,” disposing them safely in the garbage.

Helium is another resource we seek to use wisely. Balloons use only a small portion of the world’s helium supply. While there is currently a global shortage due to troubles with supply and turmoil in the Middle East, global demand is currently falling and new reserves mean that we should have plenty of this gas to last for hundreds of years. We do our part by inflating most balloons with a 60/40 mix of helium and air. We also use air-filled designs for many décor elements that would previously have been filled with helium.