Helium Bouquets and Centerpieces

When people think of balloons, their first thought is the classic helium-filled balloon on a string. These are still some of the most iconic and beautiful centerpieces and floor decor available. We stock over 40 different colors of round balloons and even offer creative bouquets, like hearts stuffed inside of round balloons, 3 foot helium balloons and foil balloons to match your theme. (A bit of extra time is often required to special order foil balloons.)

If you want your helium balloons to last longer, we can use Hi-Float, a non-toxic product that seals the inside of each balloon to let it float up to 10 times as long. The small additional charge is well worth it.

As helium has become more costly in the last few years, decorators have scrambled to find air-filled alternatives. To the left, you’ll see a couple of our favorite air-filled centerpieces. Our topiaries are clusters of 10 round balloons on a clear or wooden rod with ribbons and a decorative base. Because they are filled with air, they can last for over a week. A less expensive air-filled centerpiece is the low profile foil centerpiece at the lower right. You can pick any foil balloon for your theme and we’ll put it on a base of 8 latex balloons and a weight. It’s great for banquets where tall helium bouquets would block the view.

Or, you can have us design a custom creative centerpiece out of twisting balloons. We have the creativity to come up with something unique just for your theme or event.

Both helium bouquets and centerpieces are available for pick-up or delivery or as part of a decor package.

A note about releasing balloons

We are an environmentally conscious company and source sustainably produced, biodegradable 100% latex balloons. We discourage our clients from releasing foil balloons, as they do not biodegrade, but also can catch in power lines and regularly cause power outages. We urge our clients to reconsider balloon releases, but if you are certain that is what you want, we insist on using only individual latex balloons with biodegradable cotton string to lessen the environmental impact. Feel free to call us for more information.

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