Balloon Drops

Balloon Drops are the perfect way to cap off any celebration. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, political event, or New Year’s Eve, a colorful cascade of balloons will create the unforgettable highlight of the day. We’ll provide the balloons in your event’s color scheme, load them in a specially designed balloon drop bag, and set up the ripcord. You or an honored guest will get to pull the cord, showering the guests with color and fun.

Think balloon drops are only for huge events? Think again. We can create a drop as small as 40 balloons or rig a monstrous 1200 balloon bag to the ceiling. Want to make it even more fun, ask for a variety of sizes. They’ll fall at different rates and make that magical moment last even longer. Or, have us put tickets into the balloons. Redeemable for door prizes or gifts, we can tuck them into a few of the balloons before inflation.