Helium centerpieces are still the most popular choice for table décor, but if your venue doesn’t allow helium or you just can’t find the foil balloon to match your theme, we can create something unique for your event.

Pictured below are some of our favorite air-filled centerpieces. Our topiaries are clusters of 12 round balloons on a clear rod with ribbons and a decorative base. Because they are filled with air, they can last for over a week. A less expensive air-filled centerpiece is the low-profile foil centerpiece. You can pick any foil balloon for your theme and we’ll put it on a base of 8 latex balloons and a weight. It’s great for large banquets where tall helium bouquets might block the view.

Or, you can have us design a custom centerpiece out of twisting balloons. We have the creativity and experience to come up with something unique just for your theme or event.

All our centerpieces are available for pick-up or delivery or as part of a decor package.

Pricing (excluding delivery/teardown):

$22 for a topiary centerpiece.
$15 for a low profile foil centerpiece
$20+ for custom twisted centerpieces

For more information, download our full Décor Price List or drop us a line.