Why are we called “Pretty Funny Balloons?”

Well that’s easy. It’s because she’s pretty and I’m funny. I used to have a company called “Brian’s Balloons,” which described what I did pretty well, but then I fell in love with a beautiful, talented balloon artist named Christina. We combined our efforts and started growing the business so we could both work full-time with balloons and face painting. We needed a new name to describe our venture, and “Pretty Funny Balloons” seemed perfect. Together we are now Indiana’s premier balloon entertainers and decorators.

In 2016 we got married in the world’s awesomest balloon wedding (Christina wore a balloon dress and carried a balloon bouquet). That year we bought a gutted 100 year old general store and renovated it to become our new home and balloon studio. We live upstairs and the downstairs houses 1500 square feet of custom-built space to store our supplies, build sculptures, practice techniques and host events for the local balloon community. It’s not a store with set hours, but if you’d like to come visit, just call ahead and we’ll show you around.

In 2020, amidst a global pandemic, we took the giant step of purchasing a second balloon business and doubling our size. As the new owners of Banzi Balloons, we have added new organic balloon techniques and designer helium balloons to our repertoire, hired our first employee, and expanded into upscale corporate and wedding décor.

Christina and I, along with our awesome team of local professionals look forward to working with you soon!
     -Brian Getz

Brian Getz
Indianapolis, Indiana
Balloon Entertainer and Decorator, Co-owner of Pretty Funny Balloons

Brian got his start balloon twisting when he was a freshman in college. His sister got him a kit for Christmas and he fell in love with the art form. What started as a hobby soon became a job entertaining at a local restaurant as he worked his way through college. After studying for a Master’s degree, this hobby finally became a career, freeing him up to invest his time and energy to become Indiana’s premier balloon artist.

Over the past 15+ years, Brian has made balloons in 14 countries and 48 states and won awards at Twist and Shout, Florida Super Jam and the Fellowship of Christian Magicians International Convention. He was also named the APCA 2015 Novelty Act of the Year. Brian enjoys teaching others how to make balloons, and has lectured at several regional and international balloon conferences. He has published 3 DVDs and is working on more. When he isn’t traveling the country or planning huge sculptures, he enjoys relaxing with friends, playing board games, Dungeons and Dragons, landscaping and woodworking.

Christina Williamson-Getz
Indianapolis, Indiana
Balloon Entertainer and Decorator, Face Painter, Co-owner of Pretty Funny Balloons

Christina was introduced to balloon twisting through the Fellowship of Christian Magicians conference, which is where she met Brian. She began attending with her grandfather, a magician, when she was a kid, but was never that interested in magic. As soon as her parents let her, she began attending balloon and face painting classes and eventually became skilled at both. The last few years, as Christina finished up her Early Childhood Education degree, she also invested greatly in her art form, learning new designs and developing her kid-focused style of entertainment. She also really enjoys décor, face painting and deliveries. When she’s not twisting balloons or face painting, she enjoys playing games, cuddling with our 4 cats and 2 dogs, hanging out with friends, and planning next year’s Halloween decorations.


Andy Trozan
Indianapolis, Indiana
Balloon Decorator and Tech Whiz

Andy is not only one of our closest friends, but also the first employee we ever hired. With a background in computer science, he’s helped us step up our online presence, update our partner site’s web store and automate our scheduling so we can focus more on balloon decor. He’s also learned all the basics of balloon decor, like inflating and creating classic and organic garlands and is the perfect addition to our team.

When he’s not at the studio, he spends his time working out, learning new things, playing board games and living an active lifestyle.

Tum Tum Getz

Tum Tum is our shop kitty. Unlike our other 3 cats, he’s a hairless sphinx cat, so he won’t shed on the furniture or balloons. That means he’s allowed to hang out in the studio while we’re making balloon décor. When he’s not working (which is always) he enjoys lying around doing nothing, head scratches and rolling around on the carpet.


Other Entertainers

From time to time, when we aren’t personally available or need more entertainers for large events, we work with a trusted network of professional entertainers from around central Indiana. We only send out quality entertainers that we know personally and who do great work. We take our reputation seriously and only want to bring you the best.


Our Studio

Our studio, located at 5422 Millersville Rd. is where the magic happens. This hundred year old building served as a general store, flower shop, biker hangout, small engine shop, foundry and more. Today, we’ve renovated it into a beautiful studio with ample space to store our balloons and supplies and create even the largest sculptures and décor installations. We’ve also added in some geeky touches like a space-themed loft. Enjoy the gallery below.