Signature Super Sculptures


Every artist has a specialty that sets them apart from the pack. Our signature style is creating enormous sculptures out of balloons. Our friend and creative partner Joey Evans coined the term “Super Sculptures” for these crazy feats of stamina and engineering. These huge sculptures started out as just fun freebies for VBS decorations and contest entries, but a decade later, We’ve become more adept at designing sculptures and leading groups of volunteers. Now we get the opportunity to travel the country, creating enormous installations for colleges, corporations and ministry events. We’ve worked with other artists to make projects seen on ESPN and the Discovery Channel. Our recent clients include a convention for Universal Studios, Taylor Herring, a London-based marketing firm, and universities in over a dozen states. We even flew a huge balloon TIE Fighter from a hot air balloon.


You can see more pictures, as well as video of our projects on the Portfolio page.


Our largest project to date was creating an enormous dragonfly sculpture. This 88 foot sculpture at the Indiana State Museum took over 400 crew hours and broke the world record for the largest modeling balloon sculpture in the world. To see the video of this project and more information, check out the Dragonfly Page.


Super Sculptures can be a great team-building exercise. Corporate, student or ministry volunteers can work alongside skilled artists by inflating, tying and even weaving sections of the sculpture while Brian and his team handle the details and direct the project. In many cases, an enormous sculpture can be created in a single day. To find out more or get a quote for your next project, contact us.







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