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2017’s national summer reading program theme is “Build a Better World,” and that fits nicely with what we do as balloon artists. We have a brand new library program for this year, all about building with balloons. Using our world record-breaking sculpture as a starting point, we teach students of all ages what it’s like to build with balloons and how we use things learned from books and school to make enormous super-sculptures.


A typical library show is 45 to 90 minutes long and includes:

  • Balloon games,
  • An introduction to balloon art,
  • A chance for each participant to make their own balloon dog from pre-inflated balloons,
  • An opportunity to work in teams to make 6 foot tall balloon houses
  • An interactive lesson on how we used simple machines, science and math to create the world’s largest modelling balloon sculpture. We’ll give guests a chance to suggest their favorite school subjects and then we’ll share how we use that knowledge every day, even in an “easy” job like balloon art.
  • Then we’ll finish off with some question and answer time.


Most libraries choose to follow up the program with an hour of balloon and/or face paint entertainment so every child gets a second balloon to take home. We also donate two copies of our instructional DVD, “Beginning Balloons with Brian” to the library.


We’re happy to teach all over Indiana and beyond, and have programs starting as low as $200.


Drop us a line to learn more or

reserve a spot on our busy summer schedule.






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