World Record Dragonfly Sculpture

 You can see the final record on Guinness World Records’ site.

In June of 2015, we got the opportunity of a lifetime. Brian has always wanted to break a Guinness World Record, ever since he was 16 and added it to his bucket list. For years, the idea of making the largest balloon sculpture in the world has been his goal, but it has taken years to develop the skills, connections, and design experience to make it a reality. He spent two months finding a balloon sponsor (Betallatex), drawing up plans of where every balloon would go, and recruiting volunteers.


On June 7, 2015, we all got together at the Indiana State Museum to create an 88 foot dragonfly. There were about a dozen crew members and we worked for five days, over 400 crew hours in all. When an impartial surveyor and witnesses came on Friday the 12th, they took our final measurements at just over 88 x 70 feet and 17 feet tall.


A month later, we were honored to have our record accepted by Guinness World Records and listed on their website. Below you can see lots of pictures of our finished project and the process of building it. It wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing crew: Christina Williamson, Aaron Messer, David Baker, Dustin Queary, Michael Mauthe, Frances Young, Kriss Uptegrove, Skylar Ward, Jack Owens, Roger Getz, Linda Getz, Andrew, Deb Price, and Joe White.


Our sincere thanks to the Indiana State Museum, the museum facilities crew for their help in rigging, and our family and friends for their support.



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